[i][b][u]BOAT ACTION![/i][/b][/u] is a long form group that came together in late 2009 from the vast corners of the improvisation world and have united as one. The souls that comprise [u][b][i]BOAT ACTION![/u][/b][/i] are 2 local New York nerdy a-holes, a Southern Belle, and a Canadian Ivy Leaguer. Collectively the members of [u][i][b]BOAT ACTION![/u][/i][/b] chomped their teeth in NYC & Chicago with Improv Olympic, UCB, Magnet, and The PIT. They have all joined forces to create a massive comedic force. What started as simple Tuesday afternoon play time has blossomed into an improvisational phenomenon that you need to see to believe. So grab your life vests and set sail with [u][i][b]BOAT ACTION![/u][/i][/b], the only improv comedy group in NYC that’ll blow you out of the water!